Poezen / Girls

Pinkblossom Rosanne of ChantaMoni
Blue  Mink Mitted
Date of birth: 5-9-2012
Bloedgroep A
- Progressieve Retinale Atropie(PRA):
-PRA rdAc,
-PRA Rdy,
- Hypertrofe Cardio Myopathie:
-HCM1, HCM 3
- Polycysteuze Nieren (PKD),
Pyruvaat DeficiŽntie ( PKDef )
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Dear  Onno, Ilse and children, thank you so much for this beautiful girl

ChantaMoni Hope
Seal Mitted ( Carries chocolate )
Date of birth: 02-06-2014
Tested by parents for HCM and PKD
Bloodtype A 
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ChantaMoni Liselotte aka Lotje
Blue true Bicolor Carries Chocolate
Date of birth: 20-2-2013
- Progressieve Retinale Atropie (PRA): PRA rdAc en PRA Rdy,
- Hypertrofe Cardio Myopathie: HCM1 en HCM3,
- Polycysteuze Nieren (PKD),
- Pyruvaat Deficientie (PKDef),
- Spinale Musculaire Atrophie (SMA)
- Bloodtype A (DNA test),
- Glycogeenstapeling GSD Type IV.

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Of Moonlightdolls Daisy Dream 
Date of birth: 16/09/2015
DNA, PKD tested by parents 
Bloodtype A

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Dear Heleen, thank you so much for this beautiful girl